Learn More About Our Committees!


The Operations Committee will work with the Director of Internal Affairs to plan Dance Marathon (DM) in the Spring. This includes the layout, decorations, entertainment, set-up, take-down, entertainment, logistics, and schedule of Dance Marathon. In addition to planning Dance Marathon, the committee will also be in charge of planning DM Preview Day (also referred to as, FTKickoff) in the Fall and DM run-through in the Spring. Members of this committee will frequently collaborate and meet with other facets of FTK to discuss Dance Marathon essentials and logistics. This committee is also an integral part of making Dance Marathon an inclusive, welcoming environment for all members of the Georgia Tech community and our miracle families.


The role of a Morale Leader is to influence everyone involved with DM and FTK  (fellow FTK committee members, Miracle Makers, the entire Georgia Tech community, and our wonderful miracle families) feel happy, comfortable, welcome, and, most importantly, excited year-round. You will be a model for the organization, encouraging dedication and year-long engagement by building relationships with FTK committee members and Miracle Makers, attending all of FTK’s events such as hospital parties and miracle moments, and maintaining enthusiasm for the organization. At Dance Marathon, your job is to learn and teach the morale dance to the entire crowd and keep “morale” high at all times. Dance Marathon is the best day of the year, and it’s your duty to make sure everyone is excited and engaged year-round and at DM!

Family Relations

The Family Relations Committee’s main goal is to ensure that our Miracle Families have an amazing time at Dance Marathon and they know how much we care about and appreciate them. This is done by fostering connections with Miracle Families throughout the year by organizing family friendly events called Miracle Moments. We also help facilitate patient parties and attend hospital tours at the hospitals of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. As a committee member, you would be responsible for helping to plan, organize, and set up Miracle Moments, maintain relationships with our Families, and attend patient parties and hospital tours. We strive to celebrate our Miracle Families and Children, as well as showcase the wonderful work CHOA does.


The goal of the Recruitment Committee is to raise awareness for FTK and our mission by getting everyone registered for Dance Marathon. Recruitment’s responsibilities include: planning FTK Fridays (PR events every Friday throughout the semester), reaching out to on-campus organizations, organizing social media campaigns, helping other FTK committee members recruit, and coming up with creative ways to convince everyone to come to our events.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners team acts as the ambassadors between GTFTK and its corporate sponsors. As part of the team you’ll network with executive, marketing, and corporate social responsibility divisions at local and global companies to foster relationships with GTFTK. We charter new partnerships and foster growth with our existing sponsors to find ROI positive opportunities for our sponsors while creating miracle for our kiddos.

On the team you will be responsible for managing relationships with sponsors, stewarding and communicating with them throughout the year and driving growth of multi year sponsorships.

Community Partners

The Community Partners Committee will be responsible for the coordination of all in-kind catering/food donations for Dance Marathon and other For The Kids events. Throughout the school year, this committee will also organize fundraising events for miracle families and coordinate restaurant benefit nights.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for coordinating the miniature Dance Marathons at Georgia high schools that benefit GT Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network. This year we will work to maintain existing relationships by aiding the schools in fundraising throughout the year and hosting their own mini-Dance Marathon, as well as working to develop new relationships with high schools and middle schools. Within GT FTK, we help coordinate ways to get our own members involved at these mini marathons to grow our presence. Finally, we hope to get these community members, such as high school students, more involved in our cause by encouraging them to come to GT FTK events throughout the year.


The Fundraising Committee serves as a personal fundraising resource for Miracle Makers. We are responsible for planning FTKanning for Georgia Tech athletic events, fundraising push days throughout the year, and in-event fundraising during Dance Marathon. We seek to maintain a close relationship with each committee and Miracle Makers who register for Dance Marathon regarding their fundraising needs and goals. In addition, our goal is to promote fundraising morale among Miracle Makers by putting the FUN in FUNdraising!

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining the image and branding of For The Kids at Georgia Tech through graphics, photography, videography, web design, etc. As a PR committee member, you should enjoy multiple of the following: graphic design, photography/videography, social media hype, etc. The Public Relations Committee will work closely with Merchandise throughout the year to create some amazing FTK gear. Being on PR committee is awesome because you get to show how much you love the kids and be ~creative~ at the same time!!

Institute Impact Committee

The main goal of the Institute Impact Committee is to grow FTK by spreading the Children’s Miracle Network’s motto of “one generation fighting for the next” across Georgia Tech campus. The Institute Impact Committee members will be ambassadors who positively tell the narrative of FTK and spread our movement by helping people understand what we do and why we do it. To achieve this, the IIC members will learn about the development of FTK at GT over time and the different roles/committees needed for this growth. Members will also get the opportunity to contribute to the goals of each of the other committees.


The Merchandise Committee is responsible for creating all official 2018-2019 FTK merchandise. This includes apparel and accessories that will be distributed both within FTK members and to the whole Georgia Tech community along with any physical props necessary for FTK events. As a member of the merchandise committee, you will have the opportunity to create designs and make decisions on the types of merchandise sold. As a member of this committee, you must be creative, dedicated, and should enjoy graphic design.

Greek Relations

The goal of the Greek Relations Committee is to raise awareness of FTK and our movement by getting all Greek organizations from each of the four councils (NPHC, MGC, IFC, CPC) involved with Dance Marathon. Greek Relations’ responsibilities include: helping plan FTK Fridays (PR events every Friday throughout the semester), reaching out to organizations within the four councils to create and foster a mutually beneficial relationship, organizing social media campaigns, helping other FTK committee members recruit, coming up with creative ways to convince everyone to come to our events, and attending and being involved with philanthropy events of the organizations within the Greek community.

Dancer Relations

Dancer Relations is the newest addition to For The Kids. Our main goal is building relationships with Miracle Makers that last well beyond Dance Marathon. As a committee member, you will be responsible for communicating with Miracle Makers through different platforms and creating personal relationships with those dancers so they feel even more connected to our cause. Each committee member will be responsible for relaying important information to all Miracle Makers outside of our organization based on different criteria (participant type, fundraising level, previous involvement, registration date, campaign participation, reached goal, etc). While building these connections, we will work closely with other committees to communicate their significant announcements that they feel everyone attending Dance Marathon must know.